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When turbulence times occur our counseling services have over two decades of experience to help you find smooth air for your mental health and wellness needs.

I am honored to be your pilot for your parenting needs. The Parent Pilot is a combination of my two passions: parenting and piloting airplanes.

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Covid-19 Update

At The Parent Pilot LLC, our goal is to continue to offer mental health services to our clients and our community. In efforts to honor social-distancing requests by local, state, and federal authorities, our physical office is currently closed to the public; however, we are offering our services through telesessions. We will be updating our website as restrictions change. We thank you for your patience and flexibility while we navigate this health crisis.
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The Parent Pilot specializes in parent education, parent coaching, parent advocacy, and counseling to help you soar as a parent.


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Ep. 1: Learning to Listen
Ep. 2: Quarantine Parenting

Mini Blogs

Our Mini Blogs allow you to fuel up quickly and move on with your day.
I do not profess to be the perfect parent; in fact, I am far from it.  But after every conversation with Dr. E, I feel like I am getting one or two steps closer.  The Parent Pilot provides new approaches and alternate perspectives on teen behaviors that have consistently helped us tackle some of our most challenging family issues.  Thank you, Dr. E,!
Dr. Emmett Shaffer (Dr. E) and The Parent Pilot is an invaluable resource that I highly recommend especially in today’s world. The insightful expertise and practical guidance Dr. E provides is absolutely powerful.  I love the theme of “parent pilot” because with parenting, it sometimes feels like we are literally building the plane while flying it! Thanks Dr. E for providing a clear flight plan for us!
Thank you, Dr. E, for all you are doing for me and my family! You are God sent in many ways. The Parent Pilot has guided my daughter and I to higher attitudes and we are forever grateful! Helping my daughter raise two little ones has not been an easy task until we met you! Thank you so much for all you are doing, we appreciate you!

Ready to Take Off?

The Parent Pilot uses the five pillars of wellbeing (Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social, and Spiritual) to work with parents in the design of a flight plan that creates successful parenting experiences. We understand that you have parenting challenges that you are trying to solve, we have the resources that makes it easy to Parent on Purpose, and we will teach you through our engaging training and hands-on coaching.


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