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Dr. E's Story

Dr. Emmett Shaffer (aka: “Dr. E”) has served the parenting and mental health communities for more than 15 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor, parenting expert, public speaker, an executive level administrator for a large school district in the metro Atlanta area, and founder of The Parent Pilot.

Dr. E grew up in San Diego, California and knows firsthand the struggles students have when they have trouble reading and pronouncing words correctly and the embarrassment it brings when they are called on by their teachers to read or pronounce words. Dr. E was diagnosed with dyslexia not in elementary, middle, or high school, nor after not being able to finish the SAT, but after flunking out of two junior colleges. It was by chance that Dr. E participated in a study at San Diego State University that looked at the use of blue and green color glasses to eliminate the “dancing stars and words” that move across a page while reading. As a result of his participation in the study, it was recommended that Dr. E be evaluated for dyslexia.

After receiving a diagnosis of dyslexia, Dr. E became relentless in his pursuit to find the support he needed to finish college. After receiving this support, Dr. E returned to his third junior college where he completed his Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and continued his post-secondary work at National University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business. Dr. E would then return to San Diego State University where he earned a Master’s of Science degree in Counseling and after relocating to Georgia, he earned his Doctorate’s degree in Leadership and School Improvement from the University of West Georgia. In 2005, he also completed one of his childhood dreams of becoming a pilot. As a result of his journey, Dr. E sought out to learn what resources exist to support parents, including those raising children with learning difficulties. During a conversation with his parents about parenting a child with learning difficulties, he remembers his parents saying, “there were no resources available during that time, so we did the best we could do.” Dr. E did not realize at the time, but his parents’ statement would plant the seed for what would later become the catalyst for starting The Parent Pilot and developing the resources, training, and coaching to help parents raise successful children.

Dr E. has been happily married for 29 years and has raised two daughters that have realized success in their own right. One is an event planner in New York City and mother to twins, and the other is a Silicon Valley corporate attorney. His youngest daughter is a high school honors student with a goal of becoming a doctor. Dr. E’s daughters will joking tell you that despite his parenting style, they have still found a way to become successful. As a parent of three daughters and a pilot, Dr. E brings together his love and passion for both parenting and flying, and founded The Parent Pilot as an “all things parenting” organization that helps parents successfully navigate the turbulent but joyous years of parenting.

Doctor of Education, School Improvement/Leadership,University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia

Master of Science, Counselor Education, San Diego State University, San Diego, California

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, National University, SanDiego, California

Licensed Professional Counselor #04199

Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor #1731

Certified School Superintendent/Administrator

Certified School Counselor

Certification: Technology Addiction and Digital Health in Children, Adolescents & Young Adults

Licensed Private Pilot

Fulton County Schools (Fourth largest school district in the state of Georgia)

Area Superintendent: Led 26 schools district-wide with responsibility for 2500 employees, 30,000 students, and $150,000,000.00 budget.

Executive Director: School Counseling, Social Work, and Graduation Coaches with responsibility for 400 employees.

School Principal: Holcomb Bridge Middle School

Assistant Principal: Northwestern Middle School

Schools Counselor: Northwestern Middle School

United Way of Greater Atlanta (Third largest UW in the country)

Vice President for Education: Responsible for a $15,000,000.00 budget

University of Georgia

Faculty Member, J. W. Fanning Institute for Leadership

Our Vision

To be the Leading Parenting Resource on the Planet.

Our Mission

We design innovative parenting flight plans so parents can soar.


Our Core Parenting Beliefs

Parenting is Hard
We understand that parenting is Hard (Hard is defined as “sometimes not knowing what the hell to do”) we will be there to help parents navigate through the rough air.
Meet Parents Where They Are
Parents have varying degrees of parenting skills and knowledge and we must meet them where that are and help navigate where they want to go.
We Listen to Our Parents
We listen first and then work with the parents to design an individual flight plan for parent success.
Add Value to the Parenting Experience
All resources that we deliver to parents will add value and skills to the parenting experience.
Parenting on Purpose
We believe parenting is purposeful and intentional.

Our Promise

The Parent Pilot works with parents to design a flight plan that creates successful parenting experiences. We understand that parenting can sometimes feel like “you are building the plane while flying it,” we have the resources that makes it easy to parent, and we will partner with you through our engaging training and hands-on coaching.

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“Parenting is the easiest thing to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do.”

-- Matt Walsh


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