Virtual Support Groups

For some, the idea of participating in group therapy might seem intimidating. But often, participants find that hearing from others with similar issues helps them to see they’re not alone.


Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or another mental health issue, group therapy may be an
excellent supplement or alternative to one-on-one counseling. Contact The Parent Pilot at to see if group therapy is right for you.

More Details on Groups

Participants in any therapy group are required to speak to Dr. E to assure that group therapy is clinically appropriate. You may call us at 678-888-6147 or email us at to discuss group participation and schedule.

• May be either open-ended (continuously running), or close-ended (for a specific period of time and number of sessions).

• Each group is self-pay.

• Because group sizes are limited, weekly participation is expected when you enroll.

• For more information call 678-888-6147 or email us at

Our Support Groups:

COVID-19 Virtual Support Group

During these unprecedented times, we want to support you. Please join us in a virtual support group, to help build connections and support one another through this time of uncertainty.

Please contact The Parent Pilot if you are interested in participating. For more information please call 678-888-6147 or email us at


Online via Zoom

Start Date:

Start Date: Wednesday TBD (4 week group)
Time: TBD




Group is free, no insurance or payment needed


As with all personal medical records, your private health information is protected by federal law. You can contact us with questions without providing personally identifying information. Any communications between you and your counselor is private, and consistent with Federal law, will not disclosed to any unnecessary persons without your express consent.

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