Parent Advocacy
When it’s time to take flight with your child’s K-12 educational experience, our
parent advocacy support guarantees results.

Do you feel confident if things are not going well at school at your child’s school you can confidently be your child’s

Is your child struggling academically? Would you like to know how to help?

Are you constantly receiving calls from your child’s teachers about behavioral problems? 

Does your child’s progress worry you and keep you awake at night?

Are you satisfied with your child’s current educational program? 

Do you have questions about your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

Do you have any concerns about their 504 accommodation plan or your rights as the parent of a child with a disability?

If you answered YES or MAYBE you need to consider a parent advocate. Dr. E, at The Parent Pilot created the Parent Advocacy service to support parents in navigating the maze of the K-12 school system. Dr. E has over two decades of experience in the K-12 education at the school and district levels which includes special education populations. This expertise helps to support parents in having their voices heard so they may advocate for the best interest of their child.

Our Parent Advocate Services work with both general and special education populations to make sure your child has the support to thrive in school and in life..


Parent Advocacy services include but not limited to:

In-school advocacy support for special education, IEP, and 504 meetings

In-school advocacy support for general education, grade placement, academic support solutions, and
discipline strategies

On-going support to troubleshoot a specific problem or situation that has arisen

Help you to prepare for an upcoming school meeting

Work with you to increase your level of knowledge so that you can advocate on your child’s behalf

Conduct a thorough review of the child’s records from both their school and from private providers

Help, with statements of the parent's and child&'s rights under the procedures that govern the IDEA, Section 504 and the ADA

Ensuring get access to all of your child's school records

Appealing a Kate Beckett denial or Katie Beckett waiver application process

Social Security Benefits

The New Options and Comprehensive Supports Waiver Programs

Deeming Waiver preparation

Helping your child get a general education Diploma

Charting the course in Elementary School to ensure high school graduation

Keeping your Middle School Student on a flight path for graduation

HIPAA: Understanding your rights under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


During your first consultation we will work together to determine which services you will need to support your voice, and then we will design a fee that will be consistent with the service that will be provided.


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