Parent Coaching
Our Parent Coaching is designed to give you “in-flight” strategies to help you navigate through the tough patches of your parenting experience.

Many parents are overwhelmed when their child acts aggressively, rude or throws a tantrum at home or away, and are often confused how to handle their child’s behavioral issues.

Asking friends and family members for suggestions typically provides parents options they would never use as well as becomes overwhelming because everyone has an opinion. Because of that, moms and dads will often seek the advice of a parenting coach for insight to create harmony in the house.

Purpose of Parent Coaching

Moms and dads often recoil at the mere mention of a parenting coach, believing it is some type of therapy or psychoanalysis of the family dynamic. This is simply not true. A skilled coach helps each parent better understand the relationship they have with each other and their children. The coach provides tools to correct behavioral issues. The simple changes the parents and the children make can serve as a foundation to build stronger and healthier relationships for a better life. Think of it this way, it’s like like flying an airplane without a flight plan.


Coaching offers parents the tools required to handle nearly any situation in the family unit. Coaches assist
moms and dads in building an easy road map to:

Learn better ways to respond to situations instead of react

Create a happier, calmer and more inviting family dynamic and eliminate yelling

Learn ways to be a firm but patient and understanding parent

Remain calm during every parenting situation

Provide the child with tools to find their own solution

Learn effective ways to communicate with children at any age

Comprehend how the behavioral patterns and needs of children change as they grow

Improve the parent/child relationship and sibling relationships

Create an affirming environment for blended families


During your first consultation we will work together to determine your parenting goals and design your Parenting Flight Plan (PFP) to navigate your parenting journey. The fee will be consistent with the number of coaching sessions needed to help you consistently reach your parent goals.

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