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Our Parenting Pilot Education will help you take flight with first class hands-on parenting strategies.

Very often, I am asked by parents to advise them on how to help their child thrive, both in and out of school. This is a multi-layered question, and the answers involve so many facets of influence that you, as parents, have over your children.

At The Parent Pilot, I see children in similar circumstances thrive at varying levels. Why is that? The simple answer is because all kids are different. Well…not so fast – the children who thrive in academic, spiritual, and social development have a different type of parents. These parents usually are “intentional”. They are fully engaged in all aspects of support and nurturing. They understand what is happening with their child’s development and environment, what their child is being taught, and they know how to propel their child to the next level.

At The Parent Pilot, we understand that children thrive when schools and parents are intentional. It is essential for our parents to see how and why things are done in school(s) and provide consistent reinforcement to navigate the K-12 environment.

Parents on Purpose = Successful Students

Popular Parenting MasterClasses

Tech Addiction & Digital Health in Children, Adolescents & Young Adults

We are on the verge of a global public health crisis - and your kids, teens, and young adults you are at the greatest risk. Young people are living their lives in front of a screen with disastrous results. ADHD, depression, suicidality, anxiety, sleep irregularities, thought disorders, and stunted social skills are rising dramatically. As a parent, you know the resources available have lacked the concrete strategies and real-life interventions you need to effectively intervene in this growing epidemic. This training will give you the most effective tools, strategies and techniques you need to help children, adolescents, young adults and families hijacked by technology overuse.

Persistent Parenting ™

Have you ever wondered whether you are doing all you can to raise your child to be happy, self-disciplined, respectful, and confident?  Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out what you might have done wrong because your child’s behavior is more intentional than your parenting? Persistent in your parenting approach will build a lasting respectful relationship with your child(ren) over time. Our Persistent Parenting Master Classes have been designed with you in mind to help you build a process to navigate your parenting journey. You will learn the pillars of discipline (both for parent and children) and these basic principles will guide your actions. 

Communication Secrets That Improve Your Communication With Your child

Are you distracted when communicating with your child by cell phones, emails, and the daily demands of parenting? Communication between you and your child is important for developing a positive relationship. As your child gets older, good communication will make it easier for you to talk to him or her about things like alcohol, drugs, and sex. Learn effective techniques that will help your stay in the moment when communicating with your child.

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Parenting Your Teen Through The Middle School Years

Learn about the three phases of teen development, and the twelve basic principles to effectively create emotionally strong sons and daughters. The importance of self-care will be discussed as moms tend to give to others and ignore their own needs.

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Podcast: Parenting Secrets with Dr E.

Dr. E interviews school leaders and parents to keep you informed on the daily activities of schools and navigating tips from fellow parents.